Magniswap (MAGNI) DeFi Real Estate Financial Services Solutions | Polkadot (DOT) And UNISWAP (UNI) Comparison

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Crypto real-world use cases are on the rise. I am actually quite astounded at the innovation that is coming out of this sector. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, here comes along another example where Crypto technology can help revolutionize that particular industry.

As I read the various things new developers and projects want to accomplish, I sit back and think … what a whole bunch of genius’s!

If this is where we’re at only a few years down the road, then one cannot imagine where we will be in 5 – 10 years from now!

Cryptocurrency In The Real World

Will MagniSwap (MAGNI), Polkadot, and UNISWAP become real estate’s golden coins?

The past few years have witnessed an increase in the number of industries allowing the use of cryptocurrency for payments and transactions.

From travel & tour, and finance to entertainment, gifting, fashion, and healthcare, a lot of organizations now receive cryptocurrency as payment. This includes organizations and platforms like Bitcoin Travel, Esty, Microsoft, Red Cross, subway, and more.

The real estate sector is also not left behind. Several innovative real estate companies are at the forefront of crypto-related real estate. This includes companies like the Magnum Real Estate Group, Caruso, Blooming Sky, PropertyClub, and RealBlocks.

How Is Cryptocurrency Utilized In Real Estate?

Cryptocurrency coins in the real estate sector have different applications. The most basic one is the acceptance of coins as a payment method. Property buyers transfer a selected number of coins to sellers fulfilling the purchase agreement. In this use case, the most popular coin often used is Bitcoin. This transaction method allows said companies to invest in real estate without the hassle of buying the coins themselves.

Leveraging on the blockchain advantages, blockchain in real estate makes way for the tokenization of real estate assets, reduced cost from process automation, access to global asset distribution, and efficient industrial operations.

Other use cases of blockchain in real estate include asset management, project financing, urban planning, real-time accounting and investor, and loan and mortgage securitization.

Now, let’s talk about the coins that could be leading real estate in a few years – MagniSwap (MAGNI), Polkadot (DOT), and UNISWAP (UNI).

MagniSwap (MAGNI)

The Magni token from Magniswap is a community-led token that grants holders access to an array of community activities and is a BEP-20 token hosted on the BNB smart chain. With the token, grant holders and community members can access the community’s various utilities–staking, farming, swapping, etc. The token makes transactions transparent, making it ideal for real estate or any sector.

MagniSwap is trying to find financial solutions to lingering problems in the cryptocurrency and Defi space. Therefore, they aim to provide more utility to cryptocurrency and DeFi and want to become the first-choice De-fi for token swapping, farming, and staking. MagniSwap’s objective is to build a solid and exceptional community with a token that will power the growth and ensure the community edges out competitors in the crypto sector.

Some of the problems they have identified in the crypto industry include:

  • The industry uses a paper-based system with a high fixed-cost mainframe. This makes traditional financial services costly to maintain.
  • The traditional financial system’s poor architecture. Because of this, operations are delayed, and transactions are slow and error-filled.
  • Transactions take time and often come with high costs
  • There exist millions of people globally who still have no bank
  • Poor designs make it hard for people to use platforms effectively

Consequently, the MagniSwap community is delivering cryptocurrency solutions to enhance the growth and availability of crypto use cases. They are offering Magniswap and its token as a solution to the problems above through:

  • Magniswap’s financial service value chain: The Magniswap financial service value chain will work as a solution-driven innovation to connect all the products in the Magniswap ecosystem. On the other hand, the Magni token will offer users versatile payment options, yield farming, swapping, and staking options.
  • Magniswap proof of stake network consensus: Magniswap will be able to facilitate seamless and faster transactions through open and trusted approaches because it is built on a proof-of-stake network.
  • Magnitoke Blockchain technology: This will facilitate fast and easy global transactions with low fees and high security.
  • Innovative technology: Unbanked banking is made possible and cost-effective through innovative technology that allows people to transfer Magni tokens to anyone worldwide.

Magniswap will offer De-fi Solution that goes beyond speculative trading.

Other Magniswap utilities

Token Swapping: Like other top platforms, users can swap any coin with Magni tokens because it utilizes a secure smart contracts system that provides automated market markers (AMM).

Token Staking: Magniswap also supports toke staking, which helps to reward its users and allows them to contribute to the formulation of token prices.

Token Farming: Users can participate in yield farming with Magni Token. This is possible with Magniswap tokens when holders decide to participate in single or dual-token farming pools.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a next-generation blockchain attempting to promote a heterogeneous multi-chain framework across different sectors, including real estate. With this and other features, it is considered one of the most innovative projects in cryptocurrency.

The network was launched in 2016 and is trying to resolve many of the limitations that blockchains currently hold, like scalability and security. It also serves as a solution that implements the technology’s distinctive features conjointly. It is powered by a native coin called DOT.

Founded by Gavid Wood, who also happened to be with Ethereum then, Polkadot was created as an innovative platform that will offer all Ethereum and other networks not in one go–security, scalability, low fees, and decentralization. Additionally, Polkadot uses the proof-of-stake protocol.

DOT tokens pay network fees, govern governance through voting, and validate rights.

While it would be easy to compare some of its features to Bitcoin, it differs from Bitcoin. Nonetheless, Bitcoin’s constant use in the real estate industry gives Polkadot as much advantage as Bitcoin in the industry.

Unlike Bitcoin, Polkadot is a multi-chain platform that allows interoperability between blockchains. Bitcoin was built as a global decentralized payment network. While Bitcoin uses proof-of-work consensus, Polkadot uses proof-of-stake.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap is another decentralized network that could be a golden coin in the real estate industry. It is one of the first decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to gain traction on the Ethereum blockchain.

The UNI token allows community members to vote on fundamental protocol changes and development issues.

It also pioneered the Automated Market Marker Model, which allows users to supply Ethereum tokens to Uniswap liquidity pools while the algorithms set the price. This allows peer-to-peer trading to take place easily.

The Uniswap decentralized exchange is safe, implying that all peer-to-peer transactions are secure, with no fear of exposure to a third party. It is also global. With it, anyone worldwide can get real estate assets without hindrance.

Finally, it is easy to use.

MagniSwap (MAGNI)

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